Weird Foods

Some things it seems just about every culture eats; Grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. In addition to those “normal” foods though, are a variety of things worldwide that some people find delicious that another might find down right disgusting



Chicken Feet

Chicken feet are eaten all over the world, including some places in the US. While we typically use them in the US for making soup stocks, some countries fry or saute them. Besides being a bit boney, the flavor is quite nice





Haggis is a love it or hate it dish from Scotland. Sheep's heart, liver, and lung, ground up with onion and oatmeal and then boiled in a sheep stomach. If you can get past what's in it, it can be pretty enjoyable to eat.






Spam isn't really as odd as some people make it out to be, and unlike Haggis it's actually easier to eat when you know what's in it. Ham, pork shoulder, and potato starch. It's an odd color pink, shaped like the can, and a very “mystery meat” texture, but it's a surprisingly good substitute for plain ham on everything from pizza to sandwiches.







Bugs are another odd food eaten in a variety of countries around the world. From cricket tacos in Mexico, to grubs in Australia, to wasp crackers in Japan; bugs are a surprisingly common source of protein around the world. If you can get over the initial fear of eating bugs, they are actually one of the least resource intensive and most sustainable protein sources around and may even be the future of food everywhere.






They might look like aliens, but snails or escargot are a culinary delicacy despite their strangeness. Usually served in garlic butter, they're a bit like eating clams or mussels.





Frog Legs

If you live in the South in the US, it might not actually seem all that strange. With the exception of the south and France however, Frog legs are just as weird as everything else on the list. Usually grilled or deep fried, most people compare them to chicken, with a hint of catfish.


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